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Environmental influences have a huge impact on well-being.

Determining factors in our environment can sustain old and promote new behaviour. Our behaviours can facilitate or impede happiness for ourselves and our surroundings. It is therefore of great importance to design environments that provide the tools for being happy and that maximize overall happiness.

The analysis of behaviour in its context is essential for this aim. Insights in the determinants of behaviour can be applied for creating positive environments that promote healthy behavior at the individual and societal level.

Behaviour Insights Belgium is an organisation that can help you or your organisation apply behavioural insights to promote healthy environments that foster overall happiness.

Behaviour Intervention Areas





Behavioural insights can be applied in many areas of behaviours that determine happiness.

Important applications include the promotion of:


Pro-environmental behaviour:

People generally feel better when they engage in behaviour that supports their natural environment. Moreover, engaging in pro-environmental behaviour helps counteract environmental problems and can improve life quality for many generations to come.

Behaviour that promotes physical health:

Behaviours such as healthy eating or frequent exercising are found to improve physical health, a key determinant of happiness. Moreover, physical illness seems highly dependent on mental components such as beliefs that depend on environmental influences.

Behaviour that promotes mental health:

Mental health problems such as depression, addiction, anxiety, dementia, autism are widely prevalent. Importantly, science has provided insights in how environments and treatments can improve these problems to promote mental health.

Prosocial behaviour:

Engaging in pro-social behavior not only facilitates other people's happiness but also improves one's own well-being. Insights in behavioral determinants can be used to develop interventions and environments promoting prosocial behavior.

Behaviours that reduce societal problems:

Evidence-based environmental change can reduce problems such as over-population, homelessness, poverty,...

"Together we can create a more nurturing and effective society, step by step. By bringing together the fruits of behavioural and evolutionary science, the modern world can begin a grand journey.

It is time to apply the science of hope."

- Steven C Hayes -

Latest News

We are engaged in several projects that promote healthy environments and adaptive behaviour. You can follow recent updates here.

Promoting prosocial behaviour in schools

It is important that early on in life, children are trained to act prosocially. We develop and apply evidence-based interventions.


Stimulating healthy behaviour

People often get stuck in unhealthy habits like smoking or unhealthy eating. We design apps that help people adopt lasting,  healthy habits.


Happiness in context

We test how happiness can be promoted by small interventions in businesses, schools, or home situations.