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Our team


Behaviour Insights Belgium is a team of behavioural scientists and expert facilitators based in Belgium that have come together in their aim to improve society and promote long-term happiness in people's lives.

Scientists in our team work at different universities across the globe and have prominent expertise in how behaviour is learned and can be changed. We also have practical experts on board such as applied clinicians, business managers,  care and educational specialists, and school professionals.

We have joined forces to apply the best that science has to offer for changing behaviour. We apply insights into the cognitive and environmental determinants of behaviour in diverse areas to promote positive and lasting changes in behaviour at the individual, organizational and community levels.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help customers improve environments, organizations and societies to promote behaviour that fosters long-term overall happiness and well-being.

To this end, we use scientific insights in how behaviour is learned and how it can be efficitiently changed.

Our Vision

Environmental and cognitive influences determine behaviour. It is important to use insights in these determinants of behaviour to shift negative environments in a positive direction.

All macro and micro environments promote and maintain certain behaviour. By changing these environments based on behavioural insights, we can promote healthy behaviour.


Join Our Team

Our organisation is still in development. We are therfore looking for motivated working forces willing to join our team and for other organizations to collaborate with to achieve common goals.

If you think you can be a useful addition to our team or want to collaborate,

please contact us.